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July 24, 2008


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what a cool vintage clothing line. i love the style of the Full Skirt Khaki Stripe Faux Lace Dress. it seems very fashionable even the design of the dress was great. hope to wear that.. keep posting!


wholesale womens clothing

Hi! it's me again, dropping some comments on your post again. I'm just curious where can i find those lovely dress. hope to wear that. keep posting!


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ok so i just recently fell in love with that style!!! like the notebook, kerry perry, and christina aguilera look! i love it! so i have a question! 1)where can i find those high waisted super tight shorts with white tank and gold suspenders that christina aguiler wears in aint no other man? ill put a link but it might not wrk lol...(stop at 2:35 on the video)...2)what are those silky tight one peice outfits that katy perry wore in the picture im putting a link up rite now, ? lol..but if the link for the katy perry pic doesnt show then it basically looks like really short shorts attatched to a tank with sweetheart cut chest and its silky! i love it! pleese help!

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