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June 26, 2008


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I visit to your website and looking on, I'm so impressed! such a Great design of all those vintage clothes. i want to try that.


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I like that vintage dress, so glamorous. Hope to see more of your vintage clothes.


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I like this dress and jewelery.
I love those dresses.

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I really like the dress and jewelry weared by this woman. In fact, I will say the above gold necklace is looking awesome. My friend has very similar neckleace.

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It did get me thinking about crochet garments though, and how I'd love to make something wearable one day. But it's a risky business, making crochet clothing. I'm aware that there's a veeeeeeeery fine line between stylish and naff, between nasty and nice, and I'm not sure I'm quite subtle enough to sit on the right side of that fine line.

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I really like this Dress.... really it's amazing looking. Thanks for sharing it. Hey I'm just looking forward to your new posts....

James, NY

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