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June 08, 2008



I have the same exact picture with the same exact signature that I bought at a local flea market for just two dollars! I've always wondered myself if the signature is real. After looking at many signatures of Deanna Durbin on the internet, I'm almost positive it is her signature. Since you have found the twin to my photograph, I'm thinking that they are both copies with more brothers and sisters out there. Even though I am only 19 years old, I've always been a fan of Deanna Durbin ever since my grandfather (may he rest in peace) introduced me to her when I was very young. He owned the whole Deanna Durbin collection, but our favorite was Three Smart Girls. He died last December 2008. As he laid on his death bed, my friend let me borrow his laptop so I could do a youtube search for her singing to play for my Pop Pop. My mother was playing Judy Garland, he loved her too, but DeannaDurbin had great sentimental value to him and me as grandfather and granddaughter. I think it was just the way he would've wanted it to be.
Merissa of PA

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